Thursday, August 20, 2009

The good, the bad and the cheesy

We spent yesterday in beautiful Milwaukee! (or Mee-lay-walk-ee as the Native Americans call it). While in Illinois and Milwaukee, I was devastated to discover that most of Wayne's World was actually filmed in California. Nevertheless, its a real swell town.

The tile/wallpaper combo at the Milwaukee Days Inn was really something to behold.

The Public Museum

We visited the Public Museum in Downtown Milwaukee, which I can only describe as a weird, creepy hybrid of the Natural History Museum and Epcot Center.

They had a ridiculous amount of stuff packed into a very small space on the first floor. Then you go upstairs and they have like 3 more floors just like it.

Jon and Samson the gorilla fell in love

Why did they kill all those birds? Waah!

They had all these weird exhibits with fake archaeologists

I learned that archaeologists have really great fashion sense

a dinosaur with feathers! hilarious!

Jon was sad that his favorite dino the Triceratops was getting eaten, but I told him they were just playing.

they play rough..

we have no idea what this was (they're not big on labels), but it was pretty amazing

this is the really epcot center-esque area. there were little houses representing each country in Europe. This one is the France house (notice the baguettes!).

creepy locked up baby!

ever feel like you're being watched?

then there was a section re-creating olde timey Milwaukee!

check out her very fine sausages!

this is their most famous taxidermy scene- its huge

poor buffalo!

more fake animals. green legs? yeah right!

Kopp's Butter Burgers

We were advised that we had to go to Kopp's for one of their butter burgers and a frozen custard.

these burgers were soo greasy. dexter got to lick up a lot of meat juice.

i think we're reaching our limit for greasy midwestern food.

well, maybe there's a little more room..

don't tell anyone, but frozen custard is just thicker soft serve.

Mouse House Cheese Haus

we're starting to get to big sky country!

we had to stop at the mouse house for some wisconsin cheese.

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