Saturday, August 29, 2009


Winnemucca Breakfast

We stayed in this really small town way out in the middle of the Nevada desert. After eating a terrible dinner in a smokey casino (the only thing open there) we weren't expecting a great breakfast. So when we stumbled on this place called the Griddle, we certainly didn't think we'd get the best breakfast since Brooklyn.

Heart of gold cantaloupe

Cheese omelette with spanish sauce (a thinned out spicy tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes and celery)

Raspbery and peach crepes


We've finally arrived at Circus Circus! 

Reno: City of Oxymorons

Dexter went swimming in the Truckee river.  


We cross the border in the Sierra Nevada mountains

California treated us to a gorgeous three part sunset

At Allison's father's place Dexter encountered a raccoon and a weasel.

Our car top carrier covered with bug guts.

California! No bust. Now that we're here, we probably won't update everyday. Time to find a place to live and some jobs!

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