Thursday, August 27, 2009

Famous for Potatoes

We drove through Idaho to Nevada yesterday. We're in the home stretch.

We stopped at Frontier Pies for a potato-rific country breakfast

complete with covered wagon booths

Next we stopped at the most exciting place in Idaho- the Potato Museum!

these are potatoes, not worms

potatoes have a long, brutal history

potato flowers!

The world's largest Pringle. Its bigger than Dexter. We didn't break it, so don't blame us.

Potato sack tuxedo

How do you spell potatoes?

The World's largest Potato masher collection

Heart shaped potato. How romantic!

I don't see how this is a potato inside a potato. Its just gross.

Look at the size of that spud!

We spent the rest of the day driving...

There are many farms in Idaho...

..Lots of open space..

..and rocks.

...and dogs in prison.

...and once you get to Nevada, there are slot machines!

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