Monday, August 17, 2009

Adios New York! Hola America!

After many sad goodbyes and many sweaty hours spent trying to cram everything in our car, we left New York yesterday. We drove to Massachusetts to stay at Jon's brothers awesome attic/farmhouse apartment. After dinner with his family, and more sad goodbyes, we are setting off on the road today towards Niagara falls.

We're posting a link to our route on Google Maps. If anyone has any suggestions for places we need to stop along the way (or places to avoid, like the Mall of America)- let us know! But don't even think about trying to follow us...

The Route


  1. Your appartment never looked so neat, I hope you didn't leave the small brown animal in the picture in NY. When you get to Cleveland, you must go to the "Rock and Roll Hall of Fame", it is spectacular. When you get to Chicago, try to catch a Cub's game or at least go see Wrigley Field. Also go to the "Navy Pier" in Chicago, and there's a great small Public Beach right on Lakeshore Drive about 2-3 miles maybe west from the "Navy Pier" where you can take a cold swim in Lake Michigan. If there's time, go to the top of the Sear's Tower or is it the other really tall Insurance Company's Tower to sight see. The view is incredible and if you stand right up at the glass and look down, you can slowly see that the building sways 15 feet up and back over a 5 - 10 minute time period per swing. Love, Dad P.S. Drive carefully, check your oil regularly, and use the GPS to find the places I mentioned above.

  2. Chicago - Hot Doug's, Milwaukee - C'est La Vie: the best /cheapest gay bar in the country, Minneapolis - Walker Art Center, Boulder CO - the Nepalese tea house, any of the farmer's markets/natural food marts for the hippie supplies you'll need to get through the rest of the country ... Can't wait for you three to get to California!

  3. Yeah you've gotta go to Milwaukee, if only to see what a ghost town looks like. C'est La Vie is fantastic and the big new museum on the water is pretty cool. Also I have a huge long email of Chicago recommendations that I could send if you wanted... You should totally follow Jon's dad's advice and go to the Sears Tower, because they just recently installed these all-glass boxes that cantelever off the side of the builing, so you can stand on a glass floor 100 stories above the street!

  4. Oops I meant Tajikistanian not Nepalese, specifically Dushanbean. ( Boulder is so weird.

  5. I'd like to tell you where to go! No, on second thought, you've done just fine by yourselved.

    I finally got it: Dexter is the dog, right?