Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lets go to the Mall / Just Broast it, Bro!

Leaving Wisconsin

Molly's Rude Awakening in Black river Falls. Great little roadside cafe, awesome coffee.

Everyplace in Wisconsin has these bags of Cheese Curds for sale, so we decided to try some. The clerk said to put them on the dashboard until they get "squeeky". Pretty delicious. Sort of like really flavorful string cheese (but not stringy, squeeky!).


Allison is ready for her big shopportunity.

This place is massive. They have pretty much every store ever invented.

and a monster amusement park.

Does this look dangerous to you? Theres like 6 year old kids up there.

I was scared but Allison told me this roller coaster was safe.

no comment

Orange Julius! This is why we came here.

Somehow, we didn't actually buy any crap here.

Minnesota Farmland

We haven't mentioned this before, but theres a lot of farms in the middle of the country. Basically there's farms along the side of the highway everywhere. The only problem is they are all growing only two crops. Corn (above), and Soy (below). Read Michael Pollan's book for more info.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota's Best

Thanks to Dan Post for this recommendation. This place has some pretty kick ass chicken (see below). I asked the chef what broasting means since every place past the Great Lakes has it written all over the front of their menus. Basically, you deep fry the food in a pressure cooker. Supposedly this pressure makes the oil less likely to penetrate the food and dry it out. The result: Crispy fried food that is super moist inside. It's Cluckin' Good.

Still, I gotta say that Al and I agree, nothing we've had so far beats good old Pies n' Thighs under the W'burg bridge.

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