Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Niagara Falls and The Birthplace of Buffalo Wings

Dexter became very pensive in the presence of such awesome power.

These people paid alot of money to get wet.

This tower is a part of the natural landscape. Ahh..nature!

This is where people jump into the water to go off the falls.

Jon fell in! This really happened.

Monument to Nikola Tesla, who built Niagara Falls with steam engines and Canadian slaves.

Dexter shows his appreciation for this national treasure.

Anchor Bar's original chicken wings.

These wings are 45 years old.

They were pretty good.

We stuffed ourselves silly.

Tomorrow: Cleveland!


  1. How many chickens gave up their wings for you?

  2. That depends on how many wings the chickens originally had...

  3. Boo! I was promised this blog would be updated DAILY! I need something to distract me from work!

  4. More frequent updates please! And more Dexter! And more food! And more high-wire acts like the Jon-over-the-railing bit! Just don't hurt yourselves. This is fun.

  5. Wait a second. Jon almost fell to his death, I assume he's still alive, and you took a picture, Allison?

  6. I'm a really good swimmer. Who needs a stinkin'barrel?