Friday, October 30, 2009

Home and Garden; Oakland Edition

We found a great place right in north Oakland, in easy biking distance to all the places we need to go (including the famed Berkeley Bowl!). Allison got a job working at a cute boutique in Berkeley. Jon's still searching for that perfect job (i.e. anything). So here's some photos of our stuff!

When we moved in the backyard was a huge cat toilet. It was literally covered in cat shit. After an extensive cleanup effort, we managed to plant a decent sized garden and the plants are doing well.

The house came with a monster rosemary plant.

We weren't sure if these poppies were going to make it, but the first one bloomed this morning.

Red Burger Onions.

Dutch Cabbage.

Cabbage and Brussel Sprouts


Dexter found a new friend. Its Sally the Salamander! She's shy but we're hoping she eats some bugs.

Snap Peas.

Our extensive tracks of land.

Bedroom Door.


Hallway between Kitchen and Living Room.

Hallways with closets!

Living Room.

Living / Dining Room.

Kitchen with Antique Wedgewood Dexter.

Hallway between Bedroom and Kitchen.

Breakfast Nook with Breakfaster included!

Allison's sweet ass ride.

Jon's bike. Its made out of solid gold.

Our house is open for east coast visitation. Make a reservation today!

Monday, October 26, 2009

California Update

Overall verdict: this place is awesome.

We went to visit a biodynamic winery in Napa.

We herded pregnant goats in Sonoma.

They don't mind being sat on.

These goats fell in love with Allison.

We got front row tickets to an A's game at the Coliseum for $10.

Dot racing!

We went on a rocket boat ride around the Bay.

As you can see we had alot more fun than pretty much everyone else on the boat.

We went to see a Giant's game at At&t Park.

Probably the nicest venue outside of Fenway.

We went to my friend Mark's wedding in Tiburon.

You can see San Francisco in the background.

Next update: We found a place to live, finally have a real garden, and Allison got a job!

Saturday, August 29, 2009


Winnemucca Breakfast

We stayed in this really small town way out in the middle of the Nevada desert. After eating a terrible dinner in a smokey casino (the only thing open there) we weren't expecting a great breakfast. So when we stumbled on this place called the Griddle, we certainly didn't think we'd get the best breakfast since Brooklyn.

Heart of gold cantaloupe

Cheese omelette with spanish sauce (a thinned out spicy tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes and celery)

Raspbery and peach crepes


We've finally arrived at Circus Circus! 

Reno: City of Oxymorons

Dexter went swimming in the Truckee river.  


We cross the border in the Sierra Nevada mountains

California treated us to a gorgeous three part sunset

At Allison's father's place Dexter encountered a raccoon and a weasel.

Our car top carrier covered with bug guts.

California! No bust. Now that we're here, we probably won't update everyday. Time to find a place to live and some jobs!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Famous for Potatoes

We drove through Idaho to Nevada yesterday. We're in the home stretch.

We stopped at Frontier Pies for a potato-rific country breakfast

complete with covered wagon booths

Next we stopped at the most exciting place in Idaho- the Potato Museum!

these are potatoes, not worms

potatoes have a long, brutal history

potato flowers!

The world's largest Pringle. Its bigger than Dexter. We didn't break it, so don't blame us.

Potato sack tuxedo

How do you spell potatoes?

The World's largest Potato masher collection

Heart shaped potato. How romantic!

I don't see how this is a potato inside a potato. Its just gross.

Look at the size of that spud!

We spent the rest of the day driving...

There are many farms in Idaho...

..Lots of open space..

..and rocks.

...and dogs in prison.

...and once you get to Nevada, there are slot machines!