Saturday, August 29, 2009


Winnemucca Breakfast

We stayed in this really small town way out in the middle of the Nevada desert. After eating a terrible dinner in a smokey casino (the only thing open there) we weren't expecting a great breakfast. So when we stumbled on this place called the Griddle, we certainly didn't think we'd get the best breakfast since Brooklyn.

Heart of gold cantaloupe

Cheese omelette with spanish sauce (a thinned out spicy tomato sauce with fresh tomatoes and celery)

Raspbery and peach crepes


We've finally arrived at Circus Circus! 

Reno: City of Oxymorons

Dexter went swimming in the Truckee river.  


We cross the border in the Sierra Nevada mountains

California treated us to a gorgeous three part sunset

At Allison's father's place Dexter encountered a raccoon and a weasel.

Our car top carrier covered with bug guts.

California! No bust. Now that we're here, we probably won't update everyday. Time to find a place to live and some jobs!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Famous for Potatoes

We drove through Idaho to Nevada yesterday. We're in the home stretch.

We stopped at Frontier Pies for a potato-rific country breakfast

complete with covered wagon booths

Next we stopped at the most exciting place in Idaho- the Potato Museum!

these are potatoes, not worms

potatoes have a long, brutal history

potato flowers!

The world's largest Pringle. Its bigger than Dexter. We didn't break it, so don't blame us.

Potato sack tuxedo

How do you spell potatoes?

The World's largest Potato masher collection

Heart shaped potato. How romantic!

I don't see how this is a potato inside a potato. Its just gross.

Look at the size of that spud!

We spent the rest of the day driving...

There are many farms in Idaho...

..Lots of open space..

..and rocks.

...and dogs in prison.

...and once you get to Nevada, there are slot machines!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Oh give me a home...

Yellowstone Park
This place is simply amazing, and we'd highly recommend that everyone goes there before they die. The whole place is on top of an ancient "super volcano" which is actually due to erupt sometime in the next few thousand years. All the geysers, variable landscape, animal diversity, everything owes it's existence here to the volcanic activity deep below the soil.

Asian tourists have all the fun!

Mammoth Hot Springs

This place stinks.

Roaring Mountain

First encounter. Dexter was going nuts every time he saw a Buffalo.

Norris Geysers

There was nobody around to take pictures of us, and no level objects to use the timer, so we got creative.


Weird, diseased Buffalo! (I'm kidding, he's just awkward).

Yellowstone Canyon

Buffalo Plains


Buffalo are Allison's favorite animal. She loves them so much she wouldn't even try the Buffalo burger I ate in Bozeman (they are delicious). By the way we know they are actually called Bison here in America, but Buffalo sounds way cooler.

This baby Buffalo kept looking at us.

Buffalo family.

VIDEO: Dexter vs. Buffalo

Alot of the forest showed signs of recent fires. This actually helps stimulate new growth and happens naturally via lightning strikes.

Yellowstone Lake

All your favorite yellowstone animals, in convenient bite-size chunks!

I fed Allison a Buffalo without her knowing it.


People used to swim in these hot springs, but rangers decided it was too dangerous and damaged the delicate ecosystem. Lame!

Old Faithful

We had to wait awhile. It erupts every 90 minutes (roughly).

Old Faithful Inn

This building is amazing, its like a giant log cabin.

All the twisted wood is actually cut from diseased trees.